what would jesus do with that big fat butt



how do you get a boyfriend when you don’t leave your room

#have you seen Tangled

Yoyoyo, here’s a little update.

Hey guys, I know I haven’t been here in forever, but I’m living life on the edge, mofos.
Trying to make friends, go out, educate myself, searching jobs, volunteering, chilling.
I’m on my way to planning on opening a zine, we made a Facebook page for it, soon opening the Tumblr. Well, it’s there, but not posting anything yet, till we make it official between each other.
I won’t be posting shit around here that much, cause I’m living the life, son! Yeah. I’ll only be updating the zine page, mostly my friends will, so, I’m done here. :))))
Anyway, love you guys, will be announcing when the shit is going straight up on this site.


do u ever get in that mood when ur like i bet i can drink a gallon of water in 30 seconds

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